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About Us

aboutThe internet hotline is an initiative of the Film and Publication Board. The Film and Publication Board was established by parliament to regulate distribution of films and publication with the aim of protecting children from exposure to inappropriate material.

The internet hotline is a service that affords the members of the public with an opportunity to report, online, any child pornography or sexual abuse images discovered accidentally on the internet. This may also include child grooming activities hosted in the chat rooms.

The internet hotline provides and guarantees a secure and a confidential environment to members of the public when reporting child pornography (child sexual abuse images). The hotline staff adheres to the code of ethics (which puts emphasis on confidentiality) as prescribed by National and International Bodies such as the International Association of Internet Hotlines.

The primary purpose of the internet Hotline is to prevent distribution of child pornography (child sexual abuse images) when detected through the internet.

Internet Content Analysts who make up the hotline team will assess the contents of the alleged child pornography (child sexual abuse images), and take appropriate action, where the content is verified as containing child pornography (child sexual abuse images), by removing and blocking the website.

The internet hotline will also forward a detailed report relating to child pornography to the law enforcement agencies within the country for prosecution. Our international networking and imminent partnership with INHOPE allows us to take action against child pornography (child sexual abuse images) on the internet hosted outside South Africa. These international networks will then pass our reports to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

The website is also intended to alert Internet Service Providers of the criminal activities, relating to child pornography and or sexual abuse images used /hosted on their servers or distributed through their infrastructure.

The hotline will be available 24hrs a day and 7 days a week to enable members of the public to immediately report discovered child pornography (child sexual abuse images). All reports will be acknowledged, processed and appropriate feedback will be provided.